What to do if your iPhone 8 breaks?

In the rush and excitement of releasing the new iPhones: 8, 8 Plus, and X, you probably didn’t get the chance to consider what to do if yours broke down. Well, customers’ lawyers have definitely thought about it and reached clear measurements to be taken when it comes to preserving the rights of their new iPhone owner customers.

Last April in Australia, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission accused Apple of breaking the customer law when it prevented remedies for customers with defected iPhones if the devices were previously repaired by a non-Apple-authorized party. This accusation was introduced when many customers who had their iPhones and iPads fixed by a third party suffered from an error “53” right after installing IOS update which disabled the devices.

Unauthorized repairers are cheaper and more convenient, but Apple’s authorized repairers are better since they are able to replace what cannot be fixed. But what will happen if you need Apple to fix your phone after it has been fixed by some other maintenance party?

Under the Australian law, a product under the price of A$40,000 and is made for personal or domestic use, if this product is under the level of the acceptable quality, then the consumer is entitled to have that product repaired, replaced, or refunded by the retailer only if the damage was not caused by the previous unauthorized repairer.

What to do if your iPhone 8 breaks?

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