Apple admits to iPhone 8 earpiece complaints

Apple has confirmed that the issue with iPhone 8 earpiece is in fact true. Many of the new iPhone owners have reported a problem that happens when they try to make a call; the earpiece starts to make a “static-like sounds” and disturbs the call and makes the voice of the other end of the line not clear.

Apple’s official statement said that the problem, which was reported on many tech forums including the Apple support forum, happened only in a small number of devices and the company is going to fix the problem with an update on the software of the earpiece. It is unknown, though, what is the origin of this problem or what causes it on both iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus on different carriers in various parts of the world.

On the bright side, the reported disturbing static-like noises occur only during some Facetime calls and phone calls; it does not happen in every single call. It also never happens when the device’s earpiece is being used as a loudspeaker which indicates that the problem might in fact be a software problem as Apple stated since the hardware itself does not have that problem every time it’s being used.

Apple admits to iPhone 8 earpiece complaints

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