Survey: iPhone 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S9



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Survey: iPhone 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung’s 2018 flagship is here, but is this new smartphone better than the iPhone 8? Samsung Galaxy S9 vs iPhone 8 Survey: If 2018 is the year you’re planning to upgrade your smartphone, then choosing whether to go with Samsung or Apple

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What to do if your iPhone 8 breaks?

In the rush and excitement of releasing the new iPhones: 8, 8 Plus, and X, you probably didn’t get the chance to consider what to do if yours broke down. Well, customers’ lawyers have definitely thought about it and reached

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Apple admits to iPhone 8 earpiece complaints


Apple has confirmed that the issue with iPhone 8 earpiece is in fact true. Many of the new iPhone owners have reported a problem that happens when they try to make a call; the earpiece starts to make a “static-like

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iPhone 8 specs, price and release date


As we are moving closer to the release date of the new iPhone, people are in great expectation of what apple is preparing to use for the celebration of the 10th year anniversary of the iPhone series. Moreover, some examiners

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Top 5 Smartphones we are Expecting in 2017


As we all know, 2016 is full of interesting things in terms of Smartphone for fans but we are looking forward to 2017 for new and greater things in the Smartphone world. However, if you are looking forward to making

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