The New Google 2015 Logo Has Come to Stay

The news has revealed that the new Google logo has finally been unveiled and it has come to stay at least for some time. This new logo will replace the serif typeface being used in the emblem of Google for the past 16 years. The modification to this new logo has sent the social media and tech world into lather, as expected. Graphic designers have also noted that the new Google logo has a friendlier vibe, with its highlighted circles.

When talking about the Google logo, this is not the first time Google has mixed things up. For example, whether you are tapping, typing, or even talking, a vibrant mic allows you to know the way you are intermingling with Google. With this new development and update, the new Google logo will now be able to function perfectly through all the diverse sized screens available in the market today.

Wally Krantz, who is the executive director at brand consultants Landor made it known that he is certain that this new change of Google logo is going to upset a lot of people in view of the fact that everyone freaks out when a company like this makes a change like this. It appears that, the old logo weighed more than 14,000 bytes whereas the latest Google logo weighs 305 bytes only, which implies that the new logo can be used on all sorts on networks.

The Internet is not happy As Google changed its logo. The name appears in thicker, cleaner letters in the new design. The new Google logo and petite icon is of a wider text, with no serifs, and added, geometric letters.

The Google Design team wrote that there was a motivating factor that is making Google very helpful for all users. The Google Company have also changed the small logo that appears on browser tabs and what you see now is a capital letter G with stripes in all four of colors of Google. It is not a new name; but only a typographic change that may appear juvenile to some but mature to others.

There are 5 vital reasons associated with the Google logo change. This development will make it trouble free for Google to display even in comparatively low bandwidth conditions, that will later help in meeting the mission of Sundar Pichai (Google CEO), to make sure that the power of Google extends to the farthest corners of the world.

The change to Google logo will affect all its blogs, pages, products, property and other services, which will be a huge task for the company.

The New Google 2015 Logo Has Come to Stay

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