Google added ‘Style Idea’ feature to it image search tool like Pinterest

As we all know that Pinterest is the perfect place for those looking for style inspiration just as you can search for anything using Google. On Thursday, 13/04/2017, Google launched a new feature known as “Style Idea”. This is another feature added by Google to it Image search tool to make it easy for those who are looking for fashion related products to find them and to know how they can be used in real life just as it is on Pinterest.

According to Julia Einthoven, Google’s associate product manager, she writes, “Style Idea will make it possible for a user to see what they want and how they can use them in real life just like Pinterest.”

How to use “Style Idea”

With Style Idea, you will be able to know how what you searched for will look like on someone if worn in real life. However, with the high-quality images shown, you will be able to see appropriately how the products will look like.

Do you want to search for a product using Style Idea? Visit the Google image search tool either on the web or through its app and type in what you want. It will show your search result and you will be able to see the image of what you searched for and below your search result, you will see how the product will look like if wore or carried by someone just like on Pinterest.

Another feature that comes with “Style Guide” is “Similar items” which uses machine learning to identify products that you are looking for and with this provide the ones similar to the one you are looking for. This feature helps to scout for cheaper products that look like the one you want and will also provide an expanded carousel that will produce additional information and the price of the product.

With this new feature, Google has made it possible for companies to advertise their product through the Image search tool since users can tap on the product if they want it and will be redirected to the product brand’s website. Also, the company announced earlier this week that it will unveil another feature that will allow users to purchase similar items provided.

However, this features introduced by Google has made it clear to us that the company is trying to make itself a competitor to Pinterest.

Google added ‘Style Idea’ feature to it image search tool like Pinterest

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