Germany and France want Google and Apple to pay the taxes



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Germany and France want Google and Apple to pay the taxes


Germany and France are searching for the giant tech firms such as Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Google, to make them start paying the fair and complete share of the taxes. This is decided as the European leadership has shown the

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Google added ‘Style Idea’ feature to it image search tool like Pinterest


As we all know that Pinterest is the perfect place for those looking for style inspiration just as you can search for anything using Google. On Thursday, 13/04/2017, Google launched a new feature known as “Style Idea”. This is another

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Google Play Store is Changing the Way it Displays Consumer Ratings


Consumer rating dictates. Let’s face it right, for instance whenever we are faced with the decision to buy something, consumer ratings play a big roll. Sure, there are times where an app was recommended by a friend, we can’t all

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The New Google 2015 Logo Has Come to Stay


The news has revealed that the new Google logo has finally been unveiled and it has come to stay at least for some time. This new logo will replace the serif typeface being used in the emblem of Google for

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