Germany and France want Google and Apple to pay the taxes

Germany and France are searching for the giant tech firms such as Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Google, to make them start paying the fair and complete share of the taxes. This is decided as the European leadership has shown the frustration of how these firms are trying to concentrate on their profits as well as the prices in these states which put taxes on them at the low rates.

As the French Finance Minister, Bruno Le Maire mentioned that Europe should learn about defending the economic interest more strongly – as China did it and the US is doing it. He said that you can’t get the advantage of carrying out the business in the Europe or in the France without paying the taxes which other companies with in these states are paying.

All of these taxes have been started to become an ongoing problem in the realm of European countries while they are considered about the online working companies and other social media platforms. The reason that the countries such as Luxembourg and Ireland have fixed very low cooperate taxation rates, while making the companies to get attracted to working in these states, the bigger firms have been trying to build the headquarters in the Europe by getting benefits of the loopholes which let them to reduce quantity of the taxes which they have to pay outer than the boundary of Europe.

However, this too could not stop the states like the UK, Italy, and France from getting what they feel which is owed to them. In 2016, the European Commission ordered Apple for paying the thousands of dollars for the back taxes.

France and Germany discussed the cooperate tax issues last month and the French officials are planning to propose the new taxation rules for the tech firms at the EU meeting during September. The president of the commission, Emmanuel Macron has set out for lowering the French cooperate taxation rates to 25% during five years and is requesting other EU members for aligning theirs with those of Germany and France. Maire thinks that if both countries, Germany and France set these rates together, other EU state members will follow them too. He mentioned that France is doing a considerable work in this regard and working with other members within the euro zone for making the similar effort.

Germany and France want Google and Apple to pay the taxes

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