Facebook to Introduce the Brand New Voice Commands



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Facebook to Introduce the Brand New Voice Commands

In 2018 and amidst all of the controversies surrounding the most popular socializing app Facebook, the blue platform has decided to bombard the billions of its users with a whole bundle of innovative and renewed features that are aimed to

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WhatsApp Co-Founder Exposes the Truth

In the recent years, there were some speculations that the popular platform WhatsApp is planning to add some useful and limited advertisements to the app which as a result would not only increase the popularity of the communicating medium, but

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Top 7 Messenger Apps in South Korea

Just like many other countries in the world, Koreans are also addicted to smartphones. They are using these phones with their own cultures that encompasses all kinds of business that operate around them. For instance, in an average Korean family,

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Facebook unlocks public sharing


Facebook can surpass its Snapchat clone by allowing social media personalities and the public figures to post their stories publicly. As the Facebook stories launched all around the globe in March, you can only share it with all your friends

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Germany and France want Google and Apple to pay the taxes


Germany and France are searching for the giant tech firms such as Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Google, to make them start paying the fair and complete share of the taxes. This is decided as the European leadership has shown the

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Can Facebook Overcome KakaoTalk In Areas Like South Korea?


Facebook is the world’s most dominant platform for social media, and this includes messenger apps. They own the ever-popular WhatsApp, which brags of over a billion users around the world. The Facebook Messenger is not that far behind, at almost

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Facebook Messenger lets you Share your Live Location


Facebook messenger intends to an offline social media tool, not just an online messaging app. Presently, it has added a new Live Location option which lets you share your location for an hour only with the private chats or group

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Alibaba, Alipay, Wechat, YY, Facebook & Twitter Revolution in China


Smartphones are the first computing devices for many people in China. Users like buying things, exchanging messages and sending money through apps. It is on this note that China is at the forefront as far as mobile tech is concerned.

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