Download Facebook Messenger and Install newest practical features for business

Since the company separated Facebook Messenger from the Facebook app, Messenger has had many features added to it. Mostly those features are to keep us on our phones, but some of them are really useful and meet actual needs.

One of these features is that you can log into Messenger without having an active Facebook account. If you want to deactivate your account for a while or (less likely) you don’t even have a Facebook account at all, don’t lose your important contacts and conversations because Messenger will allow you log in with only your phone number.

Messages requests, or what used to be known as “other messages folder”, is another great thing about Facebook messenger. The app prevents strangers from randomly annoying you in your inbox, so it sends messages from those who are not connected to you to a hidden messages section called “messages requests”, and whenever you like you can go to these requests and choose to accept or decline the person connection on Messenger without having to be connected with them on Facebook itself.

Download Facebook Messenger

If you’re in the US, you’re in luck. Right now only people who are in USA can use the money transfer feature in Facebook messenger, Just press on the “$” icon, enter the amount and your credit card information and it’s done! Hopefully that gets to be available for other countries soon.

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Download Facebook Messenger and Install newest practical features for business
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