Download Pokemon Go and Make your Life Crazy!

The world‘s greatest app of all times and epochs came into our lives and become the inevitable daily routine. Pokemon Go game officially appeared on the mobile market in the beginning of July, instantly becoming a record-breaking feature. The Japanese provider Nintendo had the plan to release the game in the whole world starting from the USA, Asia, Europe and South Africa. However, the plans crashed and it turned out that only America, Austalia, and New Zealand had the app in the first period. Shortly after that, Germany and UK announced that Pokemon GO could be reached on their territory.

Pokemon Go Game

The popularity of the Pokemon Go game came unpredictably and, in a short time, the game became the latest world trend. Shortly after the release, the provider faced some problems with a server and had to react due to overloaded demand. It was the first challenge for the Nintendo to enable all the potential users to access the app without serious issues. The provider explained that they didn‘t expect users to become so interested in the feature, but they reacted promptly.

The Pokemon app seems to be of the same popularity as Twitter and has a good chance to overcome the well-developed smartphone apps. The game became so presented that all the people no matter of the profession or free time play it. They take the pictures of the creatures and go into the real world to find them. People have got the obsession with the game as something similar has never been available.

The provider said that the first intention was to make the app available in Australia as well as in New Zealand to have the first impressions. After they did the same thing in the USA, things went out of the control and something obviously crashed. The influx of the users was incredible or hundred times bigger than expected. Nintendo‘s stuff didn‘t prepare themselves for such situation, so they had to work overtime to make the app functions. However, in the last hours, we have announcements that the game will be available in the rest parts of the world very soon. Now, we have only to wait for this incredible feature to come in our country and enjoy it.

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Download Pokemon Go and Make your Life Crazy!

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