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Time cannot be stopped, but it will not stop us from persistently trying to hide the clues it leaves, thus facilitating the idea of aging that is a fad. And when we get tired of it, and we get tired because it certainly comes with age, we are always, as the elixir of youth, increasingly many image processing applications that we put on the web.

FaceApp is an application that can show you how to look like an elderly person, as a small child or as a female. a male person. You must have seen on Facebook a bunch of photos of friends showing what they would look like when they were the opposite sex, older or younger. If you’ve wondered how they carry out this, the answer is the Face App app.

This app has gained a lot of popularity in a very short time and it has succeeded thanks to the artificial intelligence used by many applications today. Today, there are about 80 million users.

It’s just amazing how credible the app is to recreate our self photos so we look, or younger, or older, or the opposite sex. The app is completely free and you can download it very easily

Face App is currently one of the most downloaded applications. In recent days, social networks have  flooded with processed photos that show how we will look in old age.

But this fun filter for personal photos (self) has made a real panic, especially in the US.

Some claim that the app can get access all your photos, but they deny it from Face App, noting that they only access the photo you choose to change. They also claim that they “drop most of the photos” from the server within 48 hour

However, although the creator of the application is Russian, all servers for this application are located in US, and it is particularly emphasized that “user data is not transferred to Russia”.

If you want Face App to remove all your data from your server, you can ask it by opening the application, clicking Settings, then support, then Report a Bug and putting Privacy as the subject.

Still, as well to having a good time, this app also seems to have its dark side.

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The very rules of using the Face App application are somewhat vague and  intended to collect content such as “photos and other matter you post over it.”

And while using them is a lot of fun, there is always the chance to hide something darker behind all that fun that can cost you a lot later.

Download FaceApp for Android, iPad and iPhone

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