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Along the twelve months of 2019, WhatsApp Plus managed to grow and thrive attracting innumerable users and fans who are looking for a more broad and unlimited WhatsApp version. The Plus messenger offers all of the most popular and most sought after messaging features and properties but in a bigger and limitless way. The regular updates of WhatsApp Plus introduce more features such as newer stickers, wallpapers, and themes; this messenger also allows the user more media space including uploading up to 50MB videos, and up to 7-minute status – which of course can’t be found on the original WhatsApp by Facebook.

WhatsApp Plus Threatened by The Original Version

The palpable success of WhatsApp Plus has indeed angered the original messenger which is now exerting loads of effort to stop WhatsApp Plus from expanding even further in the future. In 2019, WhatsApp warned users not to download and install WhatsApp Plus since the later messenger isn’t 100% authentic, and its privacy settings may not be trustworthy as well! In addition to the continuous warnings, developers at WhatsApp took another step towards hindering the progress of WhatsApp Plus; users of WhatsApp Plus and GB WhatsApp are currently facing permanent suspension of using Facebook’s WhatsApp if they decide to choose the unofficial messengers over the official one.

Surprisingly, the number of WhatsApp Plus users is huge, and even with the permanent suspension situation, its fan base is expected to grow more in 2020.


Get and install both apps and test which one is better for your needs:

WhatsApp Plus App

Download WhatsApp Plus for Iphone, Ipad and Android

WhatsApp App (Original)

Download WhatsApp for Iphone, Ipad and Android

Download WhatsApp Plus 2020

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