New Patent related to Wireless Charging filed by Apple in US office

You may not get wireless charging in upcoming iPhone 8, but Apple is planning to release a technology of wireless charging for future phones or some other products with the help of WiFi routers. This upcoming technology of Apple will not only solve the problem of wireless charging to Apple users but also solve the problem related to wireless charging nowadays.

Few days back, some Rumors are suggesting that iPhone 8 will come with wireless charging. Due to this wireless charging, an iPhone user can charge its iPhone faster from a far distance. Only rumors are suggesting that the upcoming wireless charging of Apple will be long range but there is no mention of any range in latest leak. But now also wireless charging is expected in upcoming iPhone 8.

An Apple patent is found in US patent and trademark office which describe a technology which includes support for wireless charging and WiFi for a device.

This patent was first discovered on Apple insider. The patent does not show any Apple device such as iPad, iPhone, and Macbook. There is only a drawing which is a resemblance to those devices. But the wording of Patent describes that this wireless charging Technology will be supportable with many Apple gadgets, not only with iPhone. From the patent, we find that this will be a peer-to-peer wireless charging.

From the patent, it is not confirmed that will it be a technology? or something like a router because in this Patent, there is a description about dual polarization dual frequency patch antennas.

The interesting thing about these antennas is that they will be a flat component which can be placed over any flat metal surface inside the device.

Overall, we can only conclude that iPhone 8 may have wireless charging but definitely come with OLED screens and some amazing features like a fingerprint scanner on screen, changing in camera position etc. Apple fans are waiting for upcoming iPhone 8 with these amazing features. But we really want wireless charging in iPhone 8 because now it is really the time of wireless charging in iPhones.

New Patent related to Wireless Charging filed by Apple in US office

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