No more Whatsapp Worries as you Travel with WhatSim card

Have you ever heard of a WhatSim card? Well if you have not heard of it, it is a type of SIM card that was launched earlier this year for WhatsApp users. This card mostly benefits those who travel a  lot and still want chat through WhatsApp but cannot since their SIMs are restricted to certain regional zones. This means that for such people to use WhatsApp they will have to acquire new SIMs or incur higher expenses for them to use WhatsApp.

Its inventor, Manuel Zanella the founder of Zeromobile, says he developed it to do away with common problem faced by WhatsApp users especially those who travel a lot, data connection. This card is compatible with 400 network service providers across the world. The card is set to work in about 150 countries. It easily connects with the network provider of your current position and as soon as you change it searches for the new network provider and connects to it. It also changes network providers if there is another that is offering a better data signal. All this, according to the company, is done without the user even noticing.

To be honest the card is a bit expensive since it costs about £ 7.50 a year but given its long term benefits, it’s a good invention. It lets you use WhatsApp even when your phone is roaming and there is no Wi-Fi. You also get to chat for free. Recently WhatsApp introduced a calling feature. This was after WhatSim had launched the card but the card still offers these calls for free that is if you are the recipient of the call. However, when you send multimedia messages such as pictures, videos and audio clips or call you are charged depending on which regional zone you are currently located. Also Zanella promised to launch cheaper WhatSim cards that will be around £ 5 for countries in the Global South. These cheaper cards are inspired by Pope Francis that is according to the founder of Zeromobile.

This new invention has made WhatsApp an even better communication tool. If I can use WhatsApp without any data connection, then why should I use other Messaging apps? The answer is messaging apps are constantly developing therefore this has given WhatsApp an advantage for now but other app developers will try to come up with ways to counteract it. WhatSim has changed how WhatsApp works and let us hope that as it grows cheaper alternatives will be offered.

No more Whatsapp Worries as you Travel with WhatSim card

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