LG Display talks flexible, transparent & double-sided OLEDs

Looking for a TV with great functions? LG’s have your solution. This company is set to release a superb model of TV into the market. This TV is expected to give maximum utility to its users. The machine will be bright, bendy, thin and a see-through style. All this news has been released by the companies CEO while opening a keynote conference (IFA 2015), in Germany.  The current generation is an era of displays and it’s through displays we share information, and we communicate, and we can forecast the future and dream about it as well. Having these factors in the fundamental pillars of a great display, LG’s CEO, explained that new display will combine two essential elements namely; reality and dynamism.

Currently, LG already uses the OLED tech in their curved TVS. This feature is also integrated with a range of LG smartwatches and LG Flex 2 smartphones. It combines the impressive 77EG9900 tech that can change your display from curved to flat display at the comfort of your remote control.  This display is less complicated in the absence of backlight and other auxiliary attachments. If these elements are removed, the display is much easier and straightforward than the LCD.

It’s also cheap to manufacture this display in comparison to other displays like the LCD. Tis display is flexible, wearable, foldable and transparent; thus these functions lift it a notch higher. The  father off OLED tech, a professor in the university of technology based in New York have no doubt that, with its advanced functions ,attributes and performance, OLED display is the right technology for the next generation.

The founders of this display tech also gave a profound insight into how the display could is a game changer, and it could flood the market in no time. Comments were also highlighted abut a future where windows and walls and desks will be all in displays. The advantages of using OLED displays are as follows; these displays can assume any shape, they are transparent and flexible, this guarantees an augmented reality in the future. These are possibilities that the company will also launch larger displays of about 111-inch that will be double sided.  These displays will give the optimal utility to users who love flexible, transparency and varied display shapes.

In conclusion, LG customers should anticipate something new in the market that serves all their display interest very soon. Be prepared to embrace OLEDs display and experience the change of the game.

LG Display talks flexible, transparent & double-sided OLEDs

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