Messenger Plus: an add-on for Windows Live Messenger

Messenger Plus is an add-on for Windows Live Messenger that adds many extras and features to make your instant messenger more useful, easier and more compelling. By adding sounds, emoticons or winks, you can make your instant messaging chats more. You can also use Messenger Plus to access your chat logs online or locally, as well as opening more than one account at once, among other features.

Messenger Plus software offers added workability to Microsoft’s Instantaneous messaging client Windows Live Messenger by including its own controls to the main interface. Through the additional dialog boxes, you can change the appearance and behavior of your Messenger Plus.

In the Messenger Plus line of products from Yuna, Messenger Plus for Skype is the second. The first one functions with Windows Live Messenger. The Skype version that is a totally a different application, installs as a thin toolbar which runs towards the left side of your Skype window. It comes with small, square icons that allow you to access its feature.

The ability to record video and audio calls is the most useful among them, which is what many products like easyvoiprecoreder charge for. It is a nice touch having it added for free in Messenger Plus, as it is true that Messenger Plus alerts the two parties that the call is being recorded.

Messenger Plus has animations and audio effects that allow you to add to your conversations. It comes with a total of 36 animations including floating kisses, lively characters and flying balloons that can be sent during Skype video calls and chats but need the two parties to have the Messenger Plus installed. Otherwise, the recipient will be impelled to download and install the app.

Additional features of Messenger Plus are the ability to send animated sounds like kisses, applause and a voice shouting boring, which are fun but of limited practical use. In the same vein, the audio and video distortions will allow you to apply effects such as REVERB to your voice and MIRROR or EMBOSS to your video during a call.


  • It is free
  • Ability to record calls
  • Some of the features are fun


  • It is of limited practical use

The Messenger Plus put together messages and contacts and messages stored on the Twitter account, phone and Facebook account of the user. It aims to study the behavior of the user toward Facebook, Twitter and SMS. It equally aims to make the communication of the user with his contacts hassle-free and easier.

Messenger Plus: an add-on for Windows Live Messenger

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