The new Google Nexus 5X Phone

People have had a lot to think past few days about the latest Nexus 5X photos. Rumors have spread, but finally the truth behind the rumors is confirmed. The design is now known together with the distinguishing features the new Nexus 5X is compared with the original Nexus 5.  Some people have wondered about the camera bump what the other sides and front of the phone might reveal. However, from the pictures we can learn more about the features to be loaded in the phone.

The Nexus 5X phone will come with a USB Type-C port at the bottom. It’s also likely to come with wireless charging and fast charging capabilities. Having said that, it’s still hard to clearly show the difference in thickness between the new Nexus 5X and the later. Though we expected great differences, it may be embarrassing to find this model having a battery with the same life as the former version.  It remains a mystery on how the designers will model this phone. Leaked photos of the phone have been presented to technology analysts, but they were unable to make it clear about the exact features of the phone.

Technology analysts say that pictures can only help to show the capabilities embedded in the hardware of a device and not the features. According to the analyst, until the device is first launched its hard to determine the components because even if  you compare  the proposed system and design  with its preview, it’s  still hard to conclude  about the features, say the battery life  of  the new device, as the preview will be running on an existing hardware. Google may be doing a lot of things during the process of manufacturing of the hardware to make up for what is fair though off, but there could other components that we may have no idea about.

The new Nexus five might feature a battery with improved life. The move to improve the capacity begun with Android Lollipop focusing on the battery life. Android company integrates its Android Marshmallow to continue and improve the efficiency.  Since, Lollipop integrates a Battery Saver Mode while Android Marshmallow has the Doze it remains questionable on how Google could have integrated the features in the hardware. Since, Google is updating its core services in anticipation of Android Marshmallow we can look up to a supercharged battery.  However, the new Nexus 5X will not negate from the custom around Marshmallow’s battery optimizations.  Similarly, the new Nexus 5X might feature the same display and resolution like the earlier version. Its processor is deemed to be energy-efficient.

A survey of customer done on Google + shows that users anticipate the device to come with a good battery. A good number show that much preference inclines to a battery with a larger capacity even if the device itself gets thicker or heavier. Therefore, all we can do is to wait and see what September will bring.

The new Google Nexus 5X Phone

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