Facebook unlocks public sharing

Facebook can surpass its Snapchat clone by allowing social media personalities and the public figures to post their stories publicly. As the Facebook stories launched all around the globe in March, you can only share it with all your friends or few out of them. Now, you can do this for the public followers too by posting the stories publically so everyone can watch it.

The researcher of social media Carlos Gil pointed out the privacy option at first, and now Facebook confirms that this is the new feature which it rolled out a few weeks ago. The public feature lets your followers watch your story, along with your friends.

The public sharing option allows the Facebook stories to gain the potential to mint and popularize the internet personalities in the same way as Snapchat or Instagram posts do. The starting experience of the public posting can make over 1,000 to 50,000 followers watch to your Facebook post in just 12 hours. This is much engagement that you can get while sharing your posts in the news feed, showing that the Facebook may be one of the best platforms to show the stories from the public figures into the horizontal scrolling section of the feed, or many people just don’t get sufficient friends who post stories so the stuff which shows out there can stand out.

For making the Facebook story go public, tap on the “add to story” firstly on the home, and then make a post. After that view, the story and tap the three points which say more on the top right corner. Go to the edit story settings and alter it to the public from friends. All the Facebook stories made one day ago, including those which you will share from now on, will get publically visible to everyone. By tapping on the viewer count, you can see the list of names who have viewed your post, and the count of the additional followers who viewed it without the names.

This makes the Facebook bigger than the Snapchat, which owns 166 million users each day for it app and is being grown little slow as the Facebook launched its public privacy feature.  However, Facebook didn’t announce anything regarding Messenger Day and most of the people say that some friends post about it. In fact, it took few weeks for users to spot the feature.

Facebook unlocks public sharing

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