Download Facebook Messenger from Market with some Cool New Features

On Wed, Facebook released their Messenger for developers for creating applications & for customers to talk directly with the sellers in order to expand their online reach. Facebook unlocked the latest features for Facebook messenger in San Francisco during the developer conference. This is the very first time that Facebook has permitted the developers to make apps which will function within the Facebook Messenger that has in excess of 600 million individuals across the globe.

The Facebook Messenger is likely to feature well over forty different applications in upcoming days. This will allow the users to send sports videos, various animations & similar items to one another. The Weather Channel and ESPN will be amongst the initial applications in Facebook messenger.

“The new feature is only the initial step towards producing better sharing experiences in the entire family of applications,” said Facebook chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg during the event.

Facebook has shown a lot of interest in mobile applications in the past few years, which includes Instagram, a popular photo sharing application along with WhatsApp, a popular messaging service. In spite of all these, the app which was a spotlight during the opening day of the two-day event was Facebook messenger.

The company is confident to turn their messaging platform into one which will be able to operate independently while facing a tough competition from Google & Twitter, in addition to other messaging applications like WeChat & Snapchat that are gaining more and more popularity day by day.

The social media giant has partnered with major online retailers like Everlane & Zulily so as to allow the consumers to get in touch with directly with the help of Facebook Messenger service to change their online orders, for instance the shirt color, & get the notification once the item has been shipped. This new service is likely to be made available in a couple of weeks’ time.

Facebook’s head of messaging item, David Marcs during an interview said that the new service aims to expand to other businesses on top of online retailers.

An item can be bought by sending a short message as long as the online store has the payment related info of the user, according to Marcus. However, he did not give any info of whether or not Facebook may eventually process these type of retail purchases directly within the Facebook Messenger.

Download Facebook Messenger from Market with some Cool New Features

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