China clamps down on indecent content on WeChat App

The technology advancement have made the transfer of content on the Internet easy and affordable. China has recently installed new prohibiting guidelines to regulate posting of vulgar and sexual content. It has curtailed the activities of Tencent Holdings Company which is a popular messaging app company. The country will considerately control the nature of information to be used on the internet. These measures are aimed at cleaning up the China internet platform.

According to Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) sexually explicit texts and pictures should not be included on the internet. These explicit contents contain erotic animations, nude pictures and stories that allude sexual emotions. The analysis done by China shows how indecent actions have intensified the society, for instance, harmful information and wife swapping. According to the board officials, those people who will be caught engaging or having explicit information will be punished.

The public sites that will be found holding or distributing vulgar content will be closed for a seven days where owners will face the law. They will be prosecuted for the first offense and later be prosecuted where the site will be shunned permanently. The Cyberspace Administration of China will ban those accounts in four consecutive infractions.

Cyberspace Administration of China also described that those public accounts that will be advertising illegal drugs usage will be closed. These are because the use of drugs facilitates illegal sex and transmission of sexual diseases. The reason being partners leak this nude images to the media without their consent. The WeChat is the most popular and is mainly usage by many people to send and receive messages. It is projected that more than five million peoples in China uses this messaging app.

The effects that this explicit have to people is like mental health damage and destabilization of emotions. It is censored that pornographic content have in the recent time took control over social media and internet apps. The largest internet companies deleted more than sixty thousand accounts in February. The accounts were having sexual, terrorism and spreading tensional rumors to the society.

Pornographic materials have become more prevalence on the internet. The Cyberspace Administration of China is aiming at addressing the menace of hate speech in China. This will include the message that will graded as politically sensitive. It plans to ensure that individuals will be held accountable for the content written or verbally transmitted information. The primary aim of Cyberspace Administration of China is to ensure that a healthy society is groomed.

China clamps down on indecent content on WeChat App

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