A new exclusive look for Samsung Galaxy Note 8

As its own way of celebrating the Olympic Games of the year 2018, Samsung has just announced a new version of its famous smart phone, Galaxy Note8, with a refreshed new look. The device is going to be a limited edition since it is meant for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games which will be hosted in South Korean company’s homeland. The company promised over 4 thousand devices to be distributed among the Paralympians and Olympians in addition to all of the 2018 Olympic family of PyeongChang, including the POCOG and IOC staff.

This promised limited edition of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is going to have all typical features and and functions of a standard Galaxy Note 8 smart phone including the S Pen, 6.3-inch infinity display, and dual camera, but with an addition of a very exclusive modification on the design of the device. The Galaxy Note 8 limited Olympic Games edition will have a a back glass of the color white as a celebration of the winter themed Games, as well as the 5 golden rings that represents the Olympic torch and the Olympic Games purpose of achieving the unity of the world by connecting 5 continents.

In addition to the changed exterior of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Winter Olympic Games limited edition, the device is going to feature a set of pre-loaded wallpapers that are made to the theme of PyeongChang hosted 2018 Games, as well as a large set of already-installed apps which are necessary to ensure owners of the device to gain maximum experience of the 2018 Olympic Games.

The Executive Vice President and CMO of Samsung Electronics, Younghee Lee, said in an official statement that Samsung has supported the Olympic Movement throughout the company’s 20 years as an Olympic partner by assisting in spreading the spirit of the Olympics and improving the Olympic experience by enhancing connections by the means of Samsung’s rapidly evolving innovations. The Executive Vice president of the popular company also said that it give Samsung great pleasure and proud to provide each competing athlete in PyeongChang 2018 with a device of the Galaxy Note 8 Winter Olympic Games limited edition to help every one of them capture, keep, and share what probably will be the most important events and moments of their athletic lives.

Of course now we are all wondering whether Samsung will release a number of these limited edition device for regular users to buy or it will only be available for those who are actually participating in the Olympic Games 2018. Unfortunately, Samsung hasn’t clarified that yet.

A new exclusive look for Samsung Galaxy Note 8

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