The expensive phones by Samsung may prove its downfall in future

In last few months Chinese mobiles got a lead against Apple and Samsung. They are successfully covering the distance of technology, price, and quality of products. Chinese makers are now beating prominent industries and growing firm’s day by day.

On the other hand, Huawei’s sale got encouraged in the United Kingdom. Between April and June, they have traded more than 38 million mobile phones globally. That is why there was seen 20 percent increase in their production in a previous year. Recently, Leica has launched Huawei P10 with a dual camera system which is more or less look alike its precursor.

Another storm of shipments of Xiaomi and Oppo travel from China and reaching worldwide. According to Canalys, an estimate of around 52% and 44% was seen correspondingly. All of three hawkers are launching sets with new versions of Google’s Android Software. It is creating a very competing environment for other phones with similar features and luxurious ones.

Basically, a report was made regarding only shipments of commodity rather than its sales. As sales show that how much numbers are sold to consumers but shipments mean a number of units forwarded to sellers.

In last some months of the year, nearly 340 million smartphones were shipped which is four times more than that in the previous year. According to figures, Apple shipped 1million iPhones and Huawei shipped 3 million units more than Apple. This was totally an unpredicted upshot which causes Apple to launch next version of iPhone. It will be launch within starting 14 days of September.

Besides internal competition, Apple and Samsung industry is facing another threat from Chinese smart phone makers. Samsung is world’s largest phone making company but now Chinese are getting close to this margin. Last year they shipped 79 million smartphones.

Though in North America, still there is a huge demand for iPhones which is more than Samsung products. Their increase in shipments has appreciating ratio of 10% to 7% harmoniously. Keeping launch of Galaxy S8 by South Korean Flagship Company in April.

A senior analyst, Tim Coulling at Canalys has expected that as the demand of S8 is increasing rapidly and there may be a chance that it may go beyond than expectations. According to researches made by Canalys, a huge storage of mobile phones is found in Europe. And when it is estimated with discounting in America it is predicted that Samsung is reaching to the peaks of smartphones values.

Most of the iPhone lovers are anxiously waiting for an upcoming model which may be named as iPhone 8 or iPhone X.

The expensive phones by Samsung may prove its downfall in future

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