You can Messaging faster than an iPhone 6S with Vivo X6

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You can Messaging faster than an iPhone 6S with Vivo X6

Vivo X6 Proves Faster than an iPhone 6S. Yes, From the news gathered recently, it was confirmed that the impending Vivo X6 is promising to be faster than the iPhone 6S and also be one best smartphones ever produced, as it will be featuring a supposed 6-inch Quad HD display along with Force Touch tech, a big 4000 mAh battery, 21 MP camera, and 4 GB of RAM, among other fine features.

Vivo confirmed the fact that X6 will as a matter of fact sport 4G of RAM, together with the jolly GIF picture, after chatting with people concerning the X6 boxing material in a recent gathering. A video was shown to confirm the 4GB of RAM.



This newly launched Vivo X6 will be capable of running a great deal of apps simultaneously without leaving out anything. When Vivo X6 was compared to an Apple iPhone 6S in an experiment carried out, it was discovered that it opens apps faster that its 6S contermporary.

However, in order to elevate the total amount of GB on the handset to 5 GB RAM, the kicker with the Vivo X6 is supposed to be a 1 GB of dyed-in-the-wool graphics RAM, which would be a foremost for a phone. Consequently, a real declaration is hopefully as looming as these teasers are signifying. The Vivo X6 phone is likely to come in more than a few colors as well, among which are the pink and gold versions.

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