Use your AR Looks with ModiFace’s Makeup Platform for Facebook and YouTube

Modiface, the developer of the Sephora’s Virtual Art app which lets you go for the multiple various collections of the makeup via augmented reality, has just blasted up its AR model. The company is presently included a live streaming option for each of the personal makeup options which you have been privately loving from the screen of your mobile phone.

Thus if you are a social media follower, makeup lover, or even a brand follower, you can go for the live trails now using each of your various video demos of the makeup using ModiFace’s features. The moment you initiate making the makeup video, it will start streaming in the real time for all of your followers on the Facebook and YouTube. During the next few months, most of the famous social media networks will also get this support too.

As the Vice President of ModiFace, Jennifer Tidy mentioned in his statement that live streaming is the ideal step for ModiFace lives augmented reality video technology. Brands can use this way to access thousands of the users who remain active on YouTube and Facebook. In coming few months, the company would be adding many other techniques for supporting the live streaming technologies and platforms.

The virtual art of Sephora is the first partner in augmented reality technology with the ModiFace, for getting access to the techniques of live streaming. ModiFace also has a plan to increase its services to all of its present partners in augmented reality expenditure. As the company owns more than 200 AR app with the support of 80 partners and is concentrated to create more products based on augmented reality for beauty and medical purposes.

Along with this, ModiFace has declared the launching of video chats based on augmented reality saying that using Skype or any other video conversation network is to be used for brand consultations for providing the virtual conversations with the clients which is based on using the picture of their faces and a virtual app of the product with their photo.

The ModiFace is making its way to the field of live streaming using its app and will release many new products soon. However, during this happens, users got an opportunity to feel free to try the Sephora’s virtual art app both on Android and iOS and can choose the looks they want to carry in real life.

Use your AR Looks with ModiFace’s Makeup Platform for Facebook and YouTube

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