India’s Phone Production Hits the 100 Million Mark in 2015



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India’s Phone Production Hits the 100 Million Mark in 2015


In the year 2015, mobile phone production in Indian improved to the extent that it crossed the 100 million mark. The move so a boost and improvement in the local manufacturing efforts, where major companies like Samsung played a great

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Top 6 Messenger Apps in Brazil 2015

Top 6 Messenger Apps in Brazil 2015

Messaging Apps in Brazil? Among the young adults, the ordinary smartphone’s in-built SMS text messaging is not commonly used. Their “world” has been widely dominated by other free and paid smartphone messaging apps. The use of such apps change from time

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Top 7 Messenger Apps in India 2015

Top 7 messaging apps in India 2015

Along with the increased of smartphones across the world, messaging apps that are created by technology startups and tycoons have received downloads in almost each and every device. The majority of users download and use these apps because they are

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Top 5 Messenger Apps in US 2015


The traditionally used SMS messaging is quickly getting outdated, more so in light of the invention of popular and easy-to-use text messaging apps like Line, Kik, Telegram, and Whatsapp among others. All these messaging apps offer free messaging services. That

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