Snapchat Messenger has introduced Gaming to its App

Recently, Snapchat has introduced gaming to its app. This is a big step for the company in the direction of becoming more diverse in the variety it offers. The new addition to the platform has been pitched as cooperative gaming with friends – an idea that seems perfectly suited for the social media site.

The feature’s aim is to make gaming a more social experience for everyone involved. Games offered by the platform are designed with this ideal in mind in that they allow users to text and talk to friends while playing multi-player games.

Snapchat at its heart is a social platform. Its goal is connection and constant contact with friends or fans. The app’s design is, by nature, an experience meant to be shared with others. The inclusion of gaming has only worked to add another layer of this to the app. With gaming being integrated with the site, it proves the limitless bounds the company has to improve on its social mission.

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Snapchat Messenger has introduced Gaming to its App

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