iOS 9 App Release and Features

iOS 9 app is expected to be launched in the next month (September). This software will bring smarter applications for mobile users. This is a redesigned app with an inbuilt app and few new ones. This app has a size small and downloadable. Besides, the app is highly compatible with tablets.

iOS 9 Discharge Date

The iOS 9 app was made available to every member who had enrolled in the Apple’s free public beta platform on July.  It was also released sometimes earlier at WWDC. However, the final version will be released later in the year probably in September when the Apple anticipates to launch its new iPhone.


This app has proved to be more inclusive than the earlier versions. Apple Company aims to make this app compatible with older smart devices like iPhones and iPods. The app will run on any devices that that run iOS8.

Smarter Siri

Siri app embedded in iOS 9 is quickly attaining the much-needed smarts to compete Google. Personal assistants at Apple understand the message in the context and build up proactivity to the system. For instance, in dialogue and ask Siri to remind you about an issue later in the day, it will scan the open app and try to find out what it is. With Siri, more features like calendar are made available. This app provides the playing interface right on the screen even when you are out and engaged in other activities. This app is interesting, and its ideal features make it a must-have. According to the company, Siri app receives billions of requests every week.

Apple Maps

Sometimes it’s hard to avoid these Apple Maps even if you are a committed Google map user.  The exciting thing is that this app will make Apple maps better and intuitive. This app is loaded with public transit’s directions meaning that bus, trains, and ferries routes are part of the maps.

Apple News apps

Besides, getting rid of Passbook in preference to a wallet in iOS 9, Apple is substituting the Newsstand with News. The flip board, HTC Blink Feed and Feedly are the various news apps under one app. This app keeps data in anonymous mode.

Multitasking for iPad

With this app, iPads will be able to handle more hefty tasks simultaneously.

New keyboard

Apple designed the best keyboard that holds the QWERTY letter keys. It has context sensitive shorts that entail cut, copy and paste, bold and italic features. This keyboard is compatible with third parties keyboard apps. Furthermore, Apple aims to deliver a wireless keyboard that allows interaction with the apps through the inbuilt keys.

iOS 9 App Release and Features

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