Instagram Adds New Feature That Lets You Follow Hashtags

Instagram is now going to allow you to follow hashtags if you’re confused but still intrigued, stick around and let me break it down. So here’s an example say: you’re like pretty much you’re totally obsessed with finding that perfect hashtag OOTD, you know outfit of the day. Well, now you can literally follow the hashtag OOTD to be inundated with so many cute outfits. You won’t even know what to do on the real, though I should tell you OOTD is probably going to be slightly overwhelming, as will things like TBT for all the throwbacks. But if you’re a little more niche-oriented and you love you some hashtag you can search for dogs of Instagram or hashtag food porn – just think of how much joy you would get following these hashtags.

The hashtags will also allow you to find new people to follow because yes you’re still going to see the person who’s posting the picture, you’re going to be able to see their handle too, but this is not the only update. According to a statement that IG gave to the verge – and I quote, “we’re always testing new ways to connect you to interesting content on Instagram”. What exactly does this mean? Well, this means that you’re going to be able to see posts that your friends have liked in a new recommended for you section just so many things here. It’s also going to show you stuff that the algorithm thinks you’re going to like which is kind of scary, but also kind of cool but too pretty big crazy changes, and some people think this is going to make the IG game that much harder, because it’s almost going to be like a lot of clutter on our feast.

I don’t know about you guys, but nothing grinds my gears more than when my feet are full of people or sponsor things that I don’t know. I don’t know where they came from. I don’t know how they got there, sometimes they’re kind of cool and I’m like thanks, IG, but when I can’t even find my own sister and her kids or my real-life friends, I’m like what the heck you know what I mean anyhow. That being said, I am still very excited to see how this whole thing looks: I’m always down to mix it up on the IG. But what about you guys hit us up in the comments to drop your thoughts.

Instagram Adds New Feature That Lets You Follow Hashtags

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