Instagram Adds New Feature That Lets You Follow Hashtags



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Instagram Adds New Feature That Lets You Follow Hashtags

Instagram is now going to allow you to follow hashtags if you’re confused but still intrigued, stick around and let me break it down. So here’s an example say: you’re like pretty much you’re totally obsessed with finding that perfect

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@andyfrisella, @bigmike and @juliusdein Top Instagram Industrial Accounts


One of the most exciting things which you would experience about Instagram is that it always manages to rise to the top among all the social media apps due to its peculiar features. Each of you would be looking for

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Instagram Stories is the New Private Messaging feature


Instagram has just rolled out a brand new private messaging feature that hopes to get a step up on its competitor, Snapchat. After coming up with its own version of Snapchat stories, the new Instagram Direct will combine the old

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Feature which lets you update Live Photos on Instagram


One of the most awesome features added to the iPhone 6S was Live Photos. The moveable photos acquire the gap between video and GIF however they behave more like something wizard creature from the land of Hogwarts, making iPhone users

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