Download BBM Messenger on iPhone, Blackberry & Android!

Whereas the BBM blackberry messenger has the name of the Blackberry phone company, you can still use it in other operating system like iPhone, Blackberry, and Android. Chat with Family and Friends on iPhone, Blackberry and Android! With this app, you will be able to communicate by sharing instant messages with you friends and family despite the operating systems that you are using.

Have the Control of Sharing Messages!

With the BBM messenger, you will have the ability to control what you are sharing. This is with the help of time messages that assist you in setting how long the contacts that you are sending these pictures and messages can have them before they disappear. You can also retract some of the messages that you have sent via the BBM chat. Other great features about this app include the ability of choosing how you wish to share your information. This is because BBM users PINs rather than email addresses and phone numbers to enhance privacy.

Share and Chat with Many At Once!

The BBM messenger provide you with an avenue whereby you can chat and share with many people at once. This is with its Multi-person chats, groups, and broadcast messages. The BBM groups lets you to share group members, appointments, lists, and pictures. With this application, you will be able to be in a group with people who are not in your contact list. You can also invite multiple people to have a chat together with the Multi-person chat feature.

Recent BBM Updates

The developer has recently fixes the known bugs making the application performance to improve. With this you can now update your status from the feed, hide sticker packs that are unused, have a private chat among other features. The application was last updated on 4th, August 2015. It has been installed by over a hundred million devices.

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Download BBM Messenger

Download BBM Messenger on iPhone, Blackberry & Android!

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