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nimbuzzNimbuzz Messenger was one of the initial messenger apps that were presented before the masses. Its first release was come in 2008 and the world was taken aback with how great it was.

Nimbuzz for Smartphone

Download Nimbuzz for Android
Download Nimbuzz for Blackberry
Download Nimbuzz for iPhone
Nimbuzz for Windows Phone
Download Nimbuzz for JAVA
Download Nimbuzz for Nokia

Not Available for Nokia Asha
Not Available for Fire Phone
Not Available for Firefox OS

Nimbuzz for Desktop

Download Nimbuzz for PC
Download Nimbuzz for Windows
Download Nimbuzz for Windows 8
Download Nimbuzz for Mac OS

Not Available for Linux

Nimbuzz for Tablet

Download Nimbuzz for Android Tablet Nimbuzz for Blackberry Tablet Download Nimbuzz for iPad Nimbuzz for Kindle Fire HD HDX Nimbuzz for Windows Phone Tablet Nimbuzz for Windows 8 Tablet Not Available for Firefox OS Tablet

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