5G versus 4G LTE

The 5G technology will be built on the foundation that has already been created by 4G LTE. This wireless internet technology will allow people to browse the web, make calls, and send texts as they are used to but will dramatically increase the speeds at which the data is transferred transversely the different networks.

Ultra HD videos

It will make it easier and faster for users to upload and download 3D video and Ultra HD videos.

5G faster than 4G LTE

The 5G technology will be much faster compared to the 4G LTE. Presently, the 4G LTE transfer speeds have topped out to somewhat 1GB per second.

It implies that, in perfect condition, it takes about an hour to download a short HD movie.

The main hack is that most people don’t experience the full speeds of 4G LTE due to disruptions from other Wi-Fi signals, microwaves, buildings and so on.

5G will increase the speeds to about 10GB per second.


5G versus 4G LTE

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