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The planet changes in so and a quick rate is its used online communication tool and China – QQ Mobile. Produced by Tencent over ten years ago, QQ has become the biggest online chat group on the planet. Created in November, 1998, Tencent has exploded into among China’s biggest and many used online sites website.

QQ International is readily available for mobile systems and both desktop in several languages for example Language, Western French, Spanish, German and Korean… And so many more! The huge userbase guarantees numerous possibilities and unlimited enjoyment to even everyday users who’re buying good way to satisfy new people.

QQ Mobile for Smartphone

Download QQ Mobile for Android
Download QQ Mobile for iPhone
Download QQ Mobile for Blackberry
Download QQ Mobile for Windows Phone

Not Available for Nokia Asha
Not Available for Fire Phone
Not Available for Firefox OS

QQ for Desktop

Download QQ for PC
Download QQ for Windows
Download QQ for Windows 8
Download QQ for Mac OS

Not available for Linux

QQ Mobile for Tablet

Download QQ Mobile for Android Tablet
Download QQ Mobile for iPad
QQ Mobile for Blackberry Tablet
QQ Mobile for Windows Phone Tablet

Not Available for Blackberry Tablet
Not Available for Windows Phone Tablet
Not Available for Nokia Tablet
Not Available for Fire Phone Tablet
Not Available for Firefox OS Tablet

QQ International offers comprehensive online communication capabilities, including online and traditional file transmission in addition to texting, movie and voice conversation, and much more. Learn more about its many functions and also have fun trying all of them together with your friends! Be sure you find out exactly how many folks from all around the world happen to be experiencing QQ Worldwide and join us on Facebook to obtain the most recent information.

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