A group of Twitter users desires to buy the firm for turning it into a co-op



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A group of Twitter users desires to buy the firm for turning it into a co-op


Here are the strong Twitter acquirers of which you may not have thought about. During the end of 2016, when Twitter was looking for its sale, a bunch of Twitter users made a petition for appreciating the network to sell

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Two Twitter’s bosses left stock awards of more than $35 million on the table while quitting in last year


The top executives of the Twitter are given good pays, but even this could not stop them from quitting one of the biggest social media platforms. In fact, the highly paid two bosses of Twitter, CTO Adam Messinger, and COO

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Alibaba, Alipay, Wechat, YY, Facebook & Twitter Revolution in China


Smartphones are the first computing devices for many people in China. Users like buying things, exchanging messages and sending money through apps. It is on this note that China is at the forefront as far as mobile tech is concerned.

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