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WhatsApp Co-Founder Exposes the Truth

In the recent years, there were some speculations that the popular platform WhatsApp is planning to add some useful and limited advertisements to the app which as a result would not only increase the popularity of the communicating medium, but

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What’s New with WhatsApp 2.18.216 – Download App Now!

Download WhatsApp 2.18.216 Now! This past week has seen some new changes for the WhatsApp Messenger as testing has started on buttons for muting and marking messages as read. The step is one that seeks to make things easier for

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Should You Buy CoolPad Note 6

If you are planning to buy a smartphone anytime soon then let me tell you that you are about to take one of the most challenging decisions of your life. With a plethora of brands and different models to choose

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Nokia 8 Camera is Being Updated: Nokia 8 Sirocco

A year ago, Nokia initiated its flagship of the Nokia 8 smartphones and after a while released the Nokia 8 Sirocco which encompasses some enhanced features and characteristics in comparison to other Nokia smartphone versions. However, it dawned upon Nokia

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How the 5G wireless network will change the world

We are already in the world where everything we do need to be connected to the internet. However, with a 5G network, Innovations like smart cities, autonomous vehicle, smart surgery and others innovation will be work properly and faster when

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Huawei P20 Pro Presents the Trio

Every year, Huawei tries its best to excel and present a better qualified products than before; and as many companies are battling over to win the best camera setup award every season, it’s obvious that the Huawei P20 Pro is

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PUBG Vs Fortnite: Which Maps are Best?

Speaking of options when it comes to maps the 64 square kilometers vaguely Eastern European Island has plenty of villages bunkers and abandoned radar stations for players to explore and fight over. That alone gives PUBG more replay value in

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ZTE Security Dilemma

Recently, ZTE faced some serious issues over the security standards of its devices which seemed to be taking another route as many U.S. officials demanded that the ZTE products be banned from use in the critical departments in the states.

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