BlackBerry Priv and Android Security

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BlackBerry Priv and Android Security


The foremost Android flavored handset from BlackBerry will be getting to the hands of Smartphone users with the BlackBerry Priv shipping soon. Quite a good number of these people have waited for so long, hoping for a day when they

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Download Facebook Messenger from Market with some Cool New Features


On Wed, Facebook released their Messenger for developers for creating applications & for customers to talk directly with the sellers in order to expand their online reach. Facebook unlocked the latest features for Facebook messenger in San Francisco during the developer

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WhatsApp for iPhone Users just got better with the Latest Update


The newest update for WhatsApp will let the users of iOS devices to take advantage of at least 3 new features that were only available for Android users in the past. Amongst the latest features, the users of iOS devices will

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Google Play Store is Changing the Way it Displays Consumer Ratings


Consumer rating dictates. Let’s face it right, for instance whenever we are faced with the decision to buy something, consumer ratings play a big roll. Sure, there are times where an app was recommended by a friend, we can’t all

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