LG Display talks flexible, transparent & double-sided OLEDs

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LG Display talks flexible, transparent & double-sided OLEDs


Looking for a TV with great functions? LG’s have your solution. This company is set to release a superb model of TV into the market. This TV is expected to give maximum utility to its users. The machine will be

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Messenger Plus: an add-on for Windows Live Messenger


Messenger Plus is an add-on for Windows Live Messenger that adds many extras and features to make your instant messenger more useful, easier and more compelling. By adding sounds, emoticons or winks, you can make your instant messaging chats more.

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Connect Quickly and Easily with KIK Codes from KIK Messenger


Have you been seeking and easier way to connect to your fellow KIK Messenger users? If yes, you will then be a bit happier with the introduction of KIK Codes. This will make your connection with other users very easy.

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Asus ZenPad S 8.0 Review


Everybody is asking this question, where have all the great, and inexpensive Android tablets gone? It seems that cheap Android tablets aren’t great anymore. The only manufacturer that’s in the market with cheap tablets is Asus. It has launched its

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Huawei Honor 7 Smartphone Review


You can now get the Huawei-Built Honor 7 in Europe. This phone brings to you a capable camera, impressive specs and as well fingerprint scanning technology on the table. You will get all those features and specs along with a

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QQ International iOS and Android Apps


QQ International app is a cool and a relaxed instant messenger and communications tool. It gives the best utility to keep in touch with and also make friends around the globe. There are varieties of apps available on the QQ

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Motorola Moto X Smartphone Pure Edition review


An ideal Android smart phone flaunts the following features: clean, good design, fast performance, and economical. It’s 2 years now since Motorola begun chasing the above features using its Moto X phones featuring: an attractive, ergonomic design, unencumbered Android  experience and

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